Former SSE Water Customers

Following the announcement of Leep’s acquisition of SSE’s Water and Wastewater Networks, please click here for more information.

Water Networks

Leep Water Network Ltd (LWNL), a subsidiary of Leep Utilities, is regulated by Ofwat (The Water Service Regulatory Authority), to own and operate the water, wastewater and drainage networks at MediaCityUK.

LWNL provide safe and reliable drinking water 24hrs a day, 365 days per year and the price charged and the quality of service provided to customers is regulated by Ofwat. This ensures that at a minimum, customers are “no worse off” than if connected to the local water and wastewater company’s network. However, LWNL also brings additional benefits to its customers by having Automatic Remote Reading devices fitted to all its meters, ensuring that bills are always accurate and all calls are handled by LWNL’s own Manchester based dedicated Customer Service team, guaranteeing a personal touch.

The water industry is highly regulated and Ofwat will grant a license, known as a New Appointment and Variation (NAV) on a site by site basis.

LWNL have the knowledge and expertise to own and operate regulated water and wastewater networks and are interested in opportunities to expand its portfolio through the adoption of new assets on new developments.

LWNL will work with any Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) accredited party of the developers choosing to install the network and will consider innovative and flexible solutions allowing the developer and its contractors opportunities to identify efficiencies in the installation.  LWNL will then offer an Asset Payment, calculated based upon the revenues it will receive, in return for adopting the installed network.

Since it is necessary for to apply to Ofwat for a license for each new scheme, it is imperative that LWNL are engaged early in the schemes development.

Please contact us below if you want to discuss an opportunity for LWNL to adopt assets on your new development.


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